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Entry #1

Lookin' on the Bright side

2010-11-17 18:48:07 by alexfunyon

Ok, maybe life doesn't suck so bad. Cody's still an x, other x isn't killing me, first x still out of my life... I might just live to see my next birthday. That is if report cards don't get me first... Anyway, I haven't gone suacidal yet, so life is good. At least Cody isn't aware he might as well have slit my throat. Best not to be the pathetic x girl friend he thinks I am... oh well. I'm alive, and that's all that matters.

L8R G8R- Alex


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2010-11-17 19:48:23

Hey, don't worry. There are decent guys out there who actually treasure their chicks.

Like moi, for example. Once you get past the several shades of madness, I'm quite a nice guy.

But I'm taken so soz >:L

alexfunyon responds:

Ha so funny lol thanks for the support. Sucks that you're taken, though! Jk, jk! (just kidding) But seriously, thanks.
L8R G8R- Alex


2010-11-18 20:42:05

Hey i know im the "killer x" but im glad things are looking up for you.

alexfunyon responds:

well, to be honest, ya, but you know what I ment.